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Helmet and Headset Kits CEP Headphones Specifications

CEP Headphones

by Communication & Ear Protection, Inc.

CEP Headphones:

CEP iPod® Earphones
CEP Headphones

CEP iPod® Earphones
CEP Earphone Adapter

Other Products from CEP, Inc.

The CEP Heaphones provides exceptional hearing protection by using expandable foam earplugs attached to high quality earphone speakers. Thus, they block the harmful noise while passing a crystal clear stereo audio signal, direct to you ear canal. This allows you to enjoy your audio devices even in the noisiest of environments. When additional noise protection is desired, they can be even worn with a noise protection earmuffs. For technical data see: Specifications.

Package Contents:
  • CEP Headphones
  • Headphone Case
  • Sample Ear tips (Reg and Slim)

CEP Earphone Adapter:

Now you can use your CEP Earplug system with any iPod or other Mp3 device as a headphone. The brass male plug connects to your CEP Earplug system. With this adapter your CEP Earphones are perfect for listening to music or audio books while working in noisy environments such as mowing the lawn or traveling as a passenger on an airplane.

NOTE: This adapter provides only mono audio reception. CEP Earplugs not included.