Arctis Nova Pro X Wireless Gaming Headset

Arctis Nova Pro X Wireless Gaming Headset

Arctis Nova Pro X wireless gaming headset was another breakthrough from the manufacturer. All the best for the professional gamer for a reasonable price – that’s a slogan for this gadget, about which I will talk to you below.

Main Benefits of Arctis Nova Pro X Wireless Gaming Headset

  1. High-Res speaker drivers for effective sound enjoyment
  2. 360° Spatial Audio Surround Sound lets you hear your opponents
  3. Compatible with Microsoft Spatial Sound for Xbox
  4. Lightweight design for long-wearing comfort
  5. Wireless sound enjoyment
  6. Retractable ClearCast Gen 2 microphone for crystal clear voice recording
  7. Base station included
Arctis Nova Pro X Wireless Gaming Headset

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Sound & microphone

The SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Gaming Headset comes with speaker drivers made of high-density neodymium magnets, giving you a sound experience that is second to none. They can reproduce Hi-Res sound up to 40,000 Hz, letting you hear every note, no matter how high. With 360° Spatial Audio Surround sound, you’ll have no trouble locating your opponents.

With the built-in retractable microphone, your teammates can easily understand you. Plus, with its studio-quality sound clarity and noise cancellation, you’ll be ready for streaming.

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GameDAC Gen 2

With the included DAC hub, you can easily adjust equalizer settings and customize audio to your liking. You don’t even have to leave the game to do it. You can also switch the audio from PC to console at the touch of a button, and charge one of the headphones’ two batteries in the base station for uninterrupted sound. The connection is made simultaneously via 2.4 Ghz and Bluetooth 5.0, so you can also make phone calls while playing.

adjusting equalizer settings

The integrated ChatMix Dial lets you control the volume of your applications at all times. If you’re in a heated battle and want to hear your opponent’s every move, simply turn the dial to lower the volume of the voice chat with your teammates. Of course, it works the other way around as well. If the battles around you are too loud and you can’t hear your teammates anymore, you can simply turn it up again with a twist in the other direction.

Long gaming sessions

With its lightweight design, the Arctis Nova Pro is the perfect companion for long and demanding gaming marathons. Its temple is made of a stretching comfort band, so you’ll always find the right setting. The ear pads are made of synthetic leather and ensure that your ears remain comfortable even after several hours.

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Reyus Mammadli

The Internet and new technology have become part of my life and I can avidly study new trends to keep up with what's new. I can also play games, work with videos, conduct business (and not so much) negotiations, where the headset is actively used. So I have a lot to tell you and a lot to recommend.

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  1. Arno Muller

    One of the mysteries and desires of gamers was solved by the Danish company SteelSeries, which produces gamers’ manipulators and accessories.

    The Arctis line of headsets has won over its audience, and the division of models into basic, advanced, and wireless, named Arctis 3, Arctis 5, and Arctis 7 respectively, allowed the developers to find and get headphones for specific needs, without overpaying for extra functionality.

    The SteelSeries Arctis family of gaming headsets has become so popular and well received by gamers, that the developers have continued to work hard to improve their product.

  2. Susan Brueder

    My opinion: like the versatile design, suitable for both hiking and gaming battles, the sound that the SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless headset produces is very versatile. The headphones are pleasantly satisfying. There is a very good, balanced and expressive sound, with no obvious clutter. There are both soft bass, well-detailed mids and quite ringing treble.

  3. H.F. Banna

    Lately, headset manufacturers have been increasingly pleased with the use of high-quality drivers and, as a result, with the new level of sound output. The Arctis Pro series uses different speakers from the more budget-friendly Arctis models, and the differences are clearly in the positive direction.

    I would recommend the Pro modification, without the complete DAC, first of all to those who already have a quality portable. For gamers, fans of beautiful action movies, looking for an all-in-one device I can say that you will not get the spectacular sound with the built-in solution. The headset is perfect for games that require precise positioning and good audibility, such as PUBG or CS:GO. And of course, you can take it “outgrow” if you are going to buy a separate source anyway. And, of course, we should not forget about the price, which will not please everyone.