Best Headsets for Truck Drivers in 2023

The best trucker headsets in the industry provide comfort and convenience to all drivers while they are on the road.

Getting the right trucker headset for you is a big decision. One of the most important factors is comfort. You want to be able to wear your headset all day without any discomfort on your ears, head or neck and have it be lightweight. The best trucker headsets will also offer adequate noise-canceling features and use an ergonomically designed earpiece that fits comfortably and securely in your ear

An attractive piece of gear, a good headset can be used for a range of purposes. You can use it to both take & make calls and watch movies on the go.

The best Headphones for Truck Drivers should be durable and comfortable to wear for long periods of time, which minimizes the potential for discomfort.

Imagine vast highways stretching from coast to coast with thousands of trucks carrying essential supplies to and from rural and urban centers. These drivers are the heroes of the supply lines, and they rely on wireless communication to make sure their cargo is delivered on time. To give homage to these heroes, we’re on a mission to find the Best Bluetooth Headset for Truckers. Join us on this exciting journey!

How to Choose the Best Trucker Headset

It’s not easy finding the right trucker headset, there are many factors to consider and it can be difficult to know what you need. The good news is that help is available.

This is your chance to find the best and most comfortable headset for you. You have such a choice, but it’s up to you to make sense of it all. So if you’re looking for a Bluetooth headset that is lightweight, then a wireless headset won’t be ideal. Similarly, if sound quality is your main concern, then wireless headsets won’t work either.

One of the best ways to decide what trucker headset will suit you best is through research by enquiring about other people’s experiences with different headsets. You should also compare prices before making your final decision because some headsets can be very expensive while others are more affordable.

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6 Best Trucker Headsets in 2023

We have compiled a list of the best trucker headsets in 2023. These are based on the latest reviews from truckers who have used them and our own research.

BlueParrott C400-XT for Trucker

BlueParrott C400-XT for Trucker

The BlueParrott C400-XT is a fantastic Bluetooth headset for truck drivers. The noise cancellation means that you can be 100% focused on the person on the other end, whilst all of the background noise is filtered out, which makes phone conversations much easier and more enjoyable.

The headset also features a built-in microphone, which blocks out all ambient noise for a more private and focused conversation. It can last up to 20 hours on a single charge, or up to 300 feet away from its paired device.

Plantronics Voyager 5200 for Trucker

Plantronics Voyager 5200

The Plantronics Voyager 5200 is a headset designed specifically for truckers. It has the world’s best noise cancellation mic which can block out all background noise. It also features a windscreen that will protect your ears from the noise on the highway. The headset is available in 3 different sizes of ear gel (small, medium, large) to ensure it fits nicely & comfortably in your ear.

The Plantronics Voyager 5200 is not just for truckers; anyone who needs to talk on the phone for hours at a time can use this headset because it is lightweight and comfortable.

Blue Tiger Elite Ultra for Trucker

Blue Tiger Elite Ultra for Trucker

Enjoy crystal-clear communication while on the go. Our headset and microphone’s noise cancellation technology blocks out road noise, keeping your conversations uninterrupted. This headset’s mute feature is limited to use with a cellular device/mobile phone and does not support the mute option for laptop or desktop-based software. It does, however, allow you to use the mute function for Phone Calls in HFP.

This professional trucker’s headset is powered by a long-lasting battery that allows up to 60 hours of talk time and 1200 hours of standby time. Its open design and flexible FlexBand material ensures a secure and comfortable fit. Plus, the ideal overhead storage hanger helps you store your headphones in a convenient, accessible spot, whether it’s in the office or in your vehicle.

BlueParrott B550-XT for Trucker

BlueParrott B550-XT

The BlueParrott B550-XT is a Bluetooth headset that is designed to be used by truckers. The design ensures comfort and the in-built noise cancelling microphone allows for clear communication with your fellow drivers. With features like the adjustable boom mic, it’s easy to use the BlueParrott B550-XT in a variety of vehicles.

The battery life on the BlueParrott B550-XT is up to 15 hours, which means you don’t have to worry about constantly charging your headset and you’ll always be able to take calls in the middle of a long haul trip.

Jabra Evolve 65 UC Mono for Trucker

Jabra Evolve 65 UC Mono for Trucker

The Jabra Evolve 65 UC Mono for Trucker headphones combine the best of both worlds. They are wireless and have noise-cancelling technology, while also being compatible with Jarr which is used in a lot of truckers’ commutes.

The earphones are designed to be lightweight and comfortable, meaning you can wear them for as long as you want without any feeling discouraged. The battery life is 18 hours so you don’t need to worry about constantly charging them.

AfterShokz OpenComm for Trucker

AfterShokz OpenComm for Trucker

The OpenComm allows the truck driver to make phone calls without the typical background noise or distractions that can occur on a rig. It’s compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

The headset is also equipped with a built-in FM radio and an intercom system, allowing truckers to communicate with other drivers in their vicinity. They’re perfect for communicating with company dispatchers or liaising with coworkers. The earpiece can be removed, making it a safe option for hands-free communication.


Why do truck drivers wear big headsets?

Truck drivers wear big headsets to help reduce the amount of outside noise they are exposed to while driving. The headsets also allow them to communicate with dispatch, other drivers, and other professionals within the industry.

What is the best noise cancelling headset for truckers?

The best noise cancelling headset for truckers is the Bose QuietComfort 35 II Bluetooth Headset. It has a comfortable design, excellent noise cancellation, and is Bluetooth compatible for hands-free calls. It also has a long battery life of up to 20 hours and a built-in mic for taking calls. It is both lightweight and adjustable, making it ideal for long drives.

How do truckers get WiFi in their trucks?

Truckers can get wifi in their trucks by using mobile hotspots, which can be purchased from cellular carriers, or they can use a satellite internet connection. Mobile hotspots can be purchased with a data plan, some of which are tailored specifically for truckers and offer unlimited data. Satellite internet connections are more expensive, but they offer unlimited data and faster speeds. Both of these options will allow truckers to access wifi in their trucks.

Final word from Reyus

Truck drivers don’t have an easy job. For some, it’s long nights and days of driving from one state to another (on the other side of the country); for others, it’s mobility with deliveries within one city or state. Either way, the modern trucker can’t do without a headset. I think we’ve managed to give you a good recommendation on buying a professionally-proven headset for successful work behind the wheel of your truck.

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