How to Use VR Headset with Smartphone

How to Use VR Headset with Smartphone

Want to know how to use a VR headset with your smartphone? I’ll explain it to you in simple words (with just 2 easy steps).

What is virtual reality

In technical terms, the term virtual reality refers to an artificially created world, broadcasted or transmitted to the user through his senses (primarily visual and auditory perception, less often – tactile sensations). Actions occurring in VR are synchronized with certain actions and movements performed by a person in the real world. For example, the tilt of the head in reality is reproduced in VR.

There is no single VR world, at least at the moment. Each version of it is a separate computer program, a game. In order to be inside a virtual reality, you need special VR glasses or helmet.

What are the VR headset for?

Without special headset/glasses, it is possible to see the virtual reality, but the presence effect will not occur. The glasses are needed in order to “trick” the human brain, to create a volumetric image from a flat image, synchronized with the actions of a person in the real world.

How it works

Each pair of VR glasses is equipped with eyepieces, while the smartphone screen acts as the display – the mobile device is installed inside the glasses. This is one of the fundamental differences from computer helmets. Helmets are equipped with their own displays with higher image quality.

In front of the display there are eyepieces with a partition between them. A separate picture is formed for the left and right eye, i.e. each eye sees only the part of the image intended for it. As a result, both parts of the image are combined into a single picture, which acquires depth and volume. Because the image on the screen changes depending on the rotation and/or tilt of the head, the user has the feeling of being in a virtual reality.

How to Use VR Headset with Smartphone: Two Easy Steps

Setting up and connecting depends on what type of VR headset you are dealing with. However, in any case, you won’t have to do anything complicated.

A huge number of VR headsets have been created for smartphones, the best known of which are probably Google Cardboard and VR BOX. Setting up is extremely simple.

How to Use VR Headset with Smartphone
How to use a virtual reality headset: a step-by-step guide to connecting and setting up.

Step 1

You need to run an application on your smartphone (it can be a game or a video) that supports VR mode.

Step 2

Put the mobile device in a special compartment in the glasses and put them on your head. In some models of glasses you can calibrate the image by twisting the eyepieces.

Not all games are capable of working in VR mode. Generally, compatibility with virtual reality devices is indicated by the VR icon.


As you can see, using a VR headset with a smartphone is pretty easy. Start the program, put your smartphone in the right headset slot and… that’s it!

As I wrote earlier in one of my articles, for those who are going to try themselves in virtual reality, it is better to start with a headset for smartphones. It’s easy and cheap enough (you can find out about the prices in my article How Much Does a VR Headset Cost?

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