Is It Worth Getting a VR Headset?

Is It Worth Getting a VR Headset?

Is it time to buy a virtual reality headset? Are VR headsets any good? Is it worth it? I think I have good news!

Virtual reality is now a household name for many. No wonder, actually, because VR had triggered a pretty big hype. But after that, there were many ups and downs and there were rumors that VR’s downfall was sealed. However, VR games like Half Life: Alyx were able to get critics back on board and raise new hopes. Fortunately! Virtual Reality is really cool, fascinating and on top of that versatile. I want to explain to you why it’s worth investing in VR headset.

Not even that expensive VR headsets

There was a time when people didn’t consider buying them at all, as the prices literally went through the roof. Of course, if something is completely new on the market. Now, however, you can get VR headsets for as little as $40 to $60 on Amazon, for example. Usually, the smartphone becomes the VR headset. But you can also buy a model from Oculus for about $500. A good VR headset is usually worth the money, even if it is a bit more expensive. You also have to be aware of the huge amount of technology involved.

The fun factor is high

There is already a lot of content that can be played back as virtual reality, which makes the range of possibilities for you large. Of course, you can play numerous games, and all genres are covered, no matter if you feel like a thrill with some action or if you prefer to solve puzzles in peace. By the way, we have also compiled an overview of the best VR games. You can also experience social media in VR, like Facebook Spaces. It’s an incredible feeling and really exciting to escape reality for a moment!

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It’s simply a huge trend

VR Headset

Who doesn’t want to be always up to date? By owning VR headset you are real trendsetters, because not everyone owns one. Besides, chances are not bad at all that a lot more content will be geared towards VR in the future. Art is already being created using VR, and even roller coaster attractions in amusement parks are now available in virtual reality. It’s definitely an area with a lot of potential and by buying VR headset you can support this market, which will help the industry expand and optimize in the future.

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Crazy accessories besides the VR headset

VR controller accessory

VR headset is not the only gadget that enables virtual reality. There are other accessories that create intangible possibilities and make virtual reality tangible – In this case, literally. Ever heard of VR gloves? They allow you to feel virtual objects. A Teslasuit can also take your VR experience to the next level. This is a full-body suit that lets you feel things that your character feels in the virtual world. For example, if your character is hit on the upper arm, you will also feel something in that exact spot using electrical stimulation. The list of incredible accessories goes on and on, and it’s sure to get longer in the future! I think that fans of various gadgets and features will consider this point sufficient already to get a VR headset.

Major corporations are investing in virtual reality

accessory device for VR

The big corporations also see the potential and opportunities behind virtual reality. So it’s safe to say that there’s a lot more to come in the future. You can see that research is not sleeping, because more and more content is coming onto the market that enriches VR. Particularly interesting are titles that are completely designed for VR, which should of course also encourage people to buy VR headsets. Half Life: Alyx was particularly impressive in showing what VR games can do when completely tailored to the VR experience. We can all expect VR to become more and more present.

So, are VR headsets worth it? It becomes clear that the headset for virtual reality is already good enough not to wait on the sidelines, and buy yourself and get pleasure from new sensations.

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