Best Poly Headsets: Editor’s Reviews

I’ll review the best models of Poly (Plantronics) headsets for work, study, call centers, and gaming in 2023.

Poly (former Plantronics) is one of the most recognizable brands in the world of headsets and headphones not only in Europe, but also in the United States and other countries.

From the time two pilots developed a novel headset in a garage to the present day, innovation in audio technology has been part of Plantronics’ daily business. The company has led the industry in inventing lightweight headsets, the mobile headset, noise-canceling technology and the personal speakerphone – always with the goal of breaking down communication barriers and providing more efficient communication.

Poly Headset: Business Niche Virtuosos

As a result, Poly (Plantronics) products are used by pilots, astronauts and paramedics, as well as all Fortune 100 companies. From friends chatting across the globe to mobile managers conducting business on the go to call centers and executive officers, Plantronics unites everyone through digital technology and the human need to communicate.

Best Poly Headset: Editor's Reviews

Poly Plantronics headsets lead the way in voice quality, design and comfort, helping people communicate more effectively every day – with innovative design and cutting-edge technology, of course.

Best Poly Headset for Work

Frankly, I associate the Poly headset primarily with the work environment. Manufacturers, it seems to me, keep the bar high in this niche so that every business owner who needs a working headset understands that by choosing Plantronics (Poly) – he chooses quality and prestige.

Best Poly Headset for Study

Online learning will be comfortable with a headset from Poly, as the manufacturer’s high standards are able to provide a perfect process of listening to lessons and lectures, taking online exams, and conducting scientific discussions.

I suggested two headset options – a corded headset and a wireless headset. Of course, a corded headset is more convenient if you need mobility (need to move around the room, etc. However, if your classes don’t require you to systematically leave your study space, then the Plantronics Blackwire 3320 corded headset would be a more logical choice based on the price difference.

Best Gaming Headset from Plantronics

If you are a real fan of Plantronics (Poly), which is not surprising, then I understand your desire to choose a gaming headset of this brand.

And, not surprisingly, Plantronics has found only one normal gaming headset – it’s model SHR2083-01. It is quite old – it appeared on the market in 2004. At the same time it is quite expensive.

Certainly – it is for the amateur. I would advise you to look in the direction of really great gaming headsets.

Final Word from Reyus

I will be as succinct as Poly (Plantronics).

It’s nice to deal with professionals. It’s even more pleasant if the professionals use professional devices. And the headset produced by Poly is an example of what a headset for work and study should be.

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