What headset does Faze Swagg use?

There are probably some FaZe Clan fans out there who are interested in learning about the headset that FaZe Swagg, the primary player for the squad, uses.

The answer is the HyperX.

HyperX announced that they have recruited Kris “FaZe Swagg” Lamberson, a notable Warzone player and best-known for his Call of Duty video and teachings on YouTube and Twitch. This makes FaZe Swagg the gaming peripheral company’s newest brand ambassador. In line with the terms of the agreement, FaZe Swagg will continue employing HyperX headsets and microphones and participating in commercial and community engagement with HyperX.

FaZe Swagg is a passionate supporter for diversity, equality, and inclusion and regularly participates in activities that encourage other Black gamers of all backgrounds to join the gaming community and pursue their aspirations. FaZe Swagg is one of the most popular Black streamers and most well-known Black gamers. In order to enrich the gaming community and provide a warm and inviting environment for all players, HyperX and Faze Swagg support a varied spectrum of talent from all ethnic backgrounds.

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Reyus Mammadli

The Internet and new technology have become part of my life and I can avidly study new trends to keep up with what's new. I can also play games, work with videos, conduct business (and not so much) negotiations, where the headset is actively used. So I have a lot to tell you and a lot to recommend.