Wired vs. wireless gaming headsets

Wired vs. wireless gaming headsets

Although gamers like the wireless headset better than the wired one, it’s not all that unambiguous. Comparing the benefits of a wired headset is still relevant in 2023.

An essential peripheral like any other, headsets are no longer just an accessory for gamers. In addition to sound quality and the quality of the hardware itself, connectivity is another important criterion when choosing a headset. Currently, there are two types of connectivity for connecting gamer headsets: wired and wireless.

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Wired gamer headsets

Wired models, also known as wired headsets, are the first to be released, the most widely used and the most common. As the name suggests, wired headsets are connected to the game console or PC via a cable. Three types of plugs are generally used to connect a wired headset: with a 6.5 mm diameter jack plug, with a 3.5 mm diameter mini-jack plug and, more recently, with a USB plug. From the point of view of user comfort, wired headphones are rather light. Indeed, the weight is also a very important criterion of choice, since real gamers can often wear headsets for hours on end.

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Wireless gamer headsets

For gamers, the absence of cables is a great innovation in terms of headphones. Indeed, the big advantage is the absence of a cable. This is an essential option that offers gamers a great freedom of movement. This can increase enjoyment, concentration and performance. A transmitter/receiver device is often connected to the PC or game console. This device provides the wireless link to the headset. Three main transmission technologies are currently used to make wireless headsets work: the most common and widely used is Bluetooth technology. But before this, infrared (IR) and high frequency radio (RF) technology were used. In fact, many wireless headset models still use these two transmission modes today.

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Key points to consider when choosing a gamer headset

Whether for wired or wireless headsets, many criteria must be considered, knowing that the headset is an essential element that is now part of a good “gaming setup”. Sound quality is certainly the first point to focus on.

Without good sound reproduction, it is sometimes difficult to follow the course of a game and win. Many brands often provide precise details about this. The microphone is also an essential accessory.

Online gamers, especially those who play in teams, often need a good microphone to communicate. Wearing comfort is also important: when buying headset, always think about the weight of the headset, the material they are made of, the ergonomics and the design, especially of the ear cushions…

Finally, nowadays, headsets of the same configuration, of the same brand, can have different structures of the ear cushions: closed, open or semi-open structure headsets.

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I think it’s becoming quite clear that quality wireless headsets are more modern and comfortable than wired ones. But they also cost more than their wired counterparts. So look at how much cash you have in your wallet – if you’re willing to pay $100-200 for a good gaming headset, go with wireless. Otherwise, it is better to buy a corded headset, since it is cheaper while maintaining better sound quality.

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