Wireless Headset for Business Phones: Best in 2023

Business conversations over the phone using a wireless headset have long been commonplace. However, the convenience of headsets for office calls is constantly improving.

The sound quality, microphone sensitivity, wireless headset battery life, and other convenient features should be noted here.

I think it’s important to separate wireless and corded headsets for office phones. In fact, there’s not much difference picking up the phone or pressing the selector button on the office phone or using a WIRED headset.

It is the wireless headset that will be the best addition to the business phones (landline phones in the office). So catch the best headsets of 2023 – what you need with this kind of device is to have a good staff and move your business forward.

Top 5 Wireless Headsets for Business Phones

Plantronics CS530

Plantronics CS530

The highest quality of communication, convenience, modernity and reliability. This is the best choice for a solid company.

Call performance

Sennheiser SD Pro 1 ML

Sennheiser SD Pro 1 ML

A great single-ear headset for business phones. The headset is designed as a universal device for connecting to various phones and platforms for maximum convenience and quality of communication. Many people who use this device for work purposes are convinced that this is the best office phone headset.

Call performance

AT&T TL7912

AT&T TL7912

AT&T were able to combine a variety of useful and convenient features in this headset that will make your business conversations from the office or home much easier and more professional.

Call performance

Leitner LH270

Leitner LH270

High-quality professional office wireless headset that has proven to be excellent for business calls at any level. German quality, reliability and convenience set the Leitner LH270 apart from many competitors.

Call performance

Jabra PRO 920 Mono

Jabra PRO 920 Mono

Great sound and great microphone. The Jabra PRO 920 Mono connects easily to your business landline phone and provides a stable connection, even up to 300 feet away.

Call performance

Top 5 Wired Headsets for Business Phones

Polycom Phone Headset

Polycom Phone Headset

A good corded headset for office calls. Simplicity and convenience are the key factors why people like Polycom.

Call performance

Why do you need a headset for business phones?

Let’s remind you briefly why do you need a headset in the office? The answer to this question is obvious: the headset is necessary when you need to talk on the phone and at the same time do some work: take notes, work on the computer, etc.


“Hands-free” is just the first and most obvious benefit of using headsets.


The second benefit of using headsets has to do with health. If, for example, if you work on the PC and talk a lot on the phone at the same time, holding the handset with your head to your shoulder, then every evening after such work your neck hurts.

Therefore, the second positive effect of using headsets is health care: relieving the cervical spine of tension.


The problem of ambient noise that interferes with employees’ telephone conversations with clients is a problem in almost every office space. If in one place several people are talking on the phone at the same time, communication in such conditions becomes uncomfortable.

It is very difficult to listen to the quiet voice of the interlocutor in the tube, when there is a lot of noise around. Therefore, the third advantage of using a telephone headset – improving the quality of telephone conversations.

After all, only the headset allows you to isolate the operator from the surrounding noise.


If the settings of the phone is at best possible to adjust the sound volume, the headset involves a truly individualized fine-tuning the volume of the speakers and the sensitivity of the microphone.

To summarize, telephone headsets:

  • Enhances productivity and efficiency
  • Keeps employees healthy.
  • Makes communicating over the phone more comfortable

Types of telephone headsets for business

Telephone headsets for the corporate sector are conventionally divided into the following types:

  • professional headsets (extremely reliable and ergonomic, for intensive use, suitable for a landline phone);
  • telephone sets with headsets (as simple and comfortable as possible, for office use);
  • wireless headsets for landline phones (comfortable wireless communication inside and outside the office, suitable for landline phone);
  • Computer headsets (corded and wireless telephone headsets for IP telephony, gaming and training, suitable for landline phone).

Professional headsets for landline phones

Wireless Headset for Business Phones

A professional headset is an essential working tool for an employee in a large office or call center.

The headset creates the necessary comfortable conditions for processing phone calls, interaction with colleagues, work at the computer. It allows the employee to concentrate on his business, achieving better results.

Intensive, sustained use requires headsets that are designed to be highly reliable and ergonomic. Only professional headsets meet these exacting demands and are the only ones that work 24/7. This makes it possible, for instance, to equip operators in a three-shift operation with just one headset.

For hygiene purposes, the telephone headset has interchangeable ear pads. Each operator uses his or her own set of interchangeable pads.

One of the distinguishing features of professional headsets is a special connector for connecting to a landline phone – QD (Quick Disconnect).

This connector was designed specifically for people who do not remove the headset during the working day (e.g. call center operators).

See also: best headset for call center.

Thanks to this connector, the operator can at any time quickly disconnect the headset and leave his workplace without removing the headset from his head.

In this case, once disconnected, the phone connection will not be broken, and when you return you can reconnect and continue the conversation.

Professional headsets are designed to connect to specialized equipment (dispatching consoles, system telephones, call-center operators’ workstations) or to conventional landline phones via a sound processor (e.g., in the office).

Let’s take the most common case: connection of the wired headset to the landline phone (analog, system, digital, etc.).

The connection of the headset to the landline phone is made through a special sound processor, which is connected “in the gap” telephone handset.

The convenience of such a connection is that the handset also remains connected and can be used. With the switch on the sound processor at any time you can choose whether to use the handset or headset.

In addition to the main task of connecting the headset to the phone, the sound processor performs a number of important functions:

  • adjusts the volume of the headset speaker;
  • Adjusts the sensitivity of the headset microphone;
  • Provides switching “handset – headset” and off the headset microphone (function “mute”).

Modern models of sound processors implemented a variety of original technologies. For example, the operator’s hearing protection, which cuts off loud and harsh sounds that often occur on the line.

Or, for example, holding the volume at a fixed value. This technology allows the volume of the headset speaker to be adjusted once for all callers.

Now, if the signal is weak, the caller’s voice will automatically be amplified, and if the signal is very strong, it will be attenuated. And of course in sound processors, especially digital, implement the most advanced noise reduction technologies.

Sound processors require 220V power supply and in some cases can be powered by batteries.

The only inconvenience when working with a headset connected to the phone through a sound processor is the need to manually pick up the handset to answer the call and put it back in place when the call ends.

The need for manual work disappears when you connect wireless headsets to the office phones. About them we will talk below.

In addition to adapters for classic wired telephony, there are also adapters for connecting professional headsets via USB to PC.

Adapters for PC allow you to use headsets in IP-telephony programs, such as: Skype, SIPNET, Google Talk, etc.

Moreover, there are universal adapters that provide simultaneous connection of the headset both to the phone and to the computer. This option can be useful if your organization uses both types of telephony.

Wireless headsets for landline business phones

Wireless headsets are generally the most convenient way to communicate with the interlocutor on the phone today. Such headsets can be used everywhere: in the office, at home, on the street, in the car, at business meetings.

Wireless headsets feature two radio standards: DECT and Bluetooth. Each standard has its own application area.

DECT headsets are most often used in offices and at home. The undoubted advantage of DECT headsets is the range of up to 30 meters indoors and protection against tapping.

Bluetooth headsets – an indispensable thing for people who talk a lot, both on landlines and mobiles. The ability to use one headset for both modes of communication is a distinct advantage of Bluetooth headsets.

Moreover, if the headset supports special technology (Multipoint), it can receive calls from two telephones simultaneously.

For example, a headset connected to a cell phone can signal an incoming call from a landline phone during a call. By pressing the headset button you can end the ongoing “mobile” call and switch to the “landline” call.

Connecting wireless (DECT and Bluetooth) headsets to landline phones is carried out similarly to the connection of professional headsets, but lacks the main drawback of the latter – the need to manually lift and lower the handset. For this purpose here is used a minilift.

The main thing that stops buyers of wireless headsets for landline phones is rather high price in comparison, for example, with wired models, similarly connected to landline phones through the adapter.

What many people forget is that a wireless headset has two huge advantages over corded models. The first and obvious one is that you are no longer restricted by the wire and you can receive calls quite far away from the phone.

The second thing people often forget is that you don’t have to reach over and pick up the phone every time you want to receive a call!

The process of making a call with a wireless headset also becomes easier. You only have to manually dial the phone number. The handset automatically picks up on command from the headset.

Final word from Reyus

If you really care about the quality of your office, then don’t spare to buy the best headsets for your office business phones so that you and your employees can have high level conversations, take calls, be mobile during negotiations.

After all, the reputation of a firm that is technically limited will suffer. Would you want to allow that to happen? I think not.

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