Wireless Headsets for Call Centers

Most large and modern call centers have switched to wireless headsets, which has made their work more productive and convenient.

Of course, only a wireless headset gives you complete freedom when making calls. Do you want to go to the filing cabinet during the call, get a drink or can you simply concentrate better if you are on the move during the call? Especially during longer conversations, you don’t like to be “tied” to your desk and would like to be able to stand up once in a while – especially if no notes are being taken or you don’t have to type anything into the computer. This is a fairly classic situation for some call centers when you need staff mobility around the room.

The range of today’s headsets, especially DECT headsets, can be quite impressive in this respect, even in the office – just give it a try! You won’t want to miss your headset, guaranteed! Whether you need a headset for various applications such as landline telephony, Skype for Business and mobile telephony or just need a device for your smartphone or your landline phone, we have the right solution for you in any case.

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Of course, you can also choose between different wearing styles (headband, earband or neckband) and opt for either a single-ear or a double-ear headset – depending on your preference.

My pick of wireless headsets for call centers for 2023

Photo Title Price Buy
Yealink WH62 Wireless...image Yealink WH62 Wireless Headset with Microphone Telephone Headset Teams Certified for PC Computer Laptop Office IP VoIP Phones Sip Phones DECT Headset for UC Optimized $171.00 Buy On Amazon
Garmin dēzl™ Headset...image Garmin dēzl™ Headset 100, Single-Ear Premium Trucking Headset, Active Noise Cancellation, Superior Battery Life and Memory Foam Ear Pads $251.99 Buy On Amazon
Jabra Evolve 65...image Jabra Evolve 65 UC Wireless Headset, Stereo – Includes Link 370 USB Adapter – Bluetooth Headset with Industry-Leading Wireless Performance, Passive Noise Cancellation, All Day Battery, Stereo Speaker, Model: 6599-829-409 $119.95 Buy On Amazon
SHOKZ OpenComm UC...image SHOKZ OpenComm UC Bone Conduction Bluetooth Stereo Computer Headset with Loop110 USB-C Adapter-Wireless PC Headphones with Noise-Canceling Boom Microphone for Home Office Use,with Bookmark $199.95 Buy On Amazon
RoadKing RKING4000 Noise...image RoadKing RKING4000 Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headset Mono to Stereo Wireless Headset with Advanced Noise Cancellation, Black $97.99 Buy On Amazon
Plantronics by Poly...image Plantronics by Poly Voyager Focus UC Wireless Headset for Computer w/Charge Stand - Active Noise Canceling (ANC) - Connect PC/Mac/Mobile via Bluetooth - Works w/Microsoft Teams, Zoom -Amazon Exclusive $194.99 Buy On Amazon
Poly (Plantronics +...image Poly (Plantronics + Polycom) Voyager 4310 UC Wireless Headset + Charge Stand (Plantronics) Single-Ear PC/Mac via USB-C Bluetooth Adapter, Cell Phone Works w/Teams (Certified), Zoom, Black (218474-02) $144.78 Buy On Amazon
Microsoft Modern Wireless...image Microsoft Modern Wireless Headset - Wireless Headset,Comfortable On-Ear Stereo Headphones with Noise-Cancelling Microphone, USB-A dongle, On-Ear Controls, PC/Mac - Certified Teams $49.99 Buy On Amazon

What to look for when choosing a wireless headset for the call center

There is little technical data to help the buyer decide, and sound quality is usually judged very subjectively. So how should one judge the quality of a headset for call center? Nevertheless, there are a few very tangible points that are considered in tests: Can the headset be used not only on cell phones, but also landline phones? Is it possible to connect several devices to it? And from what price range can decent quality be expected?

Garmin dēzl Headset 100

Of course, testers also try to evaluate the sound, but in most magazines these assessments are purely subjective in nature with a rather superficial effort at objectivity through comparison with other headsets. Only a few magazines can afford an expensive laboratory setup where the sound is really tested directly on an artificial head. Among others, “connect” stands out as a serious source at this point. The question is, however, whether this is that much more helpful, since technical data can lead to a clear comparison, but the sound is still perceived individually by everyone – especially with in-ear headsets.

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Are wired headsets still available at all?

The heyday of wired headsets is actually over, at least for cell phone manufacturers. Today, many companies still include a corresponding, very simple version with the smartphone, but extra accessories of this type are hardly found on the market – the competition from professional audio manufacturers is too great. The classic headsets from earlier days are correspondingly popular on Amazon, although they still serve their purpose. Solid headsets that promise decent voice and audio quality are available for around $10.

Yealink WH62 Wireless Headset

Most headsets have the obligatory answer/hang-up button and often also a volume control. It is important to pay attention to a sufficient cable length: It should be a good 5 ft, so that the player can also disappear in the backpack or the back pocket.

Pure-bred music headphones are increasingly taking over this function in the wired range, but sometimes they also offer a talk function. However, since they are quite expensive and often only work with certain devices, the choice is very limited for many users. The segment up to $40, which used to be dominated by cell phone manufacturers, is visibly becoming orphaned, or rather this is where Bluetooth headsets are taking over.

What is the advantage of Bluetooth headsets?

Bluetooth headsets are definitely more comfortable than wired headsets. Not only because they do without the annoying cable, but also because of their additional functions. Many modern Bluetooth headsets are multipoint-capable. This means that they can be paired with several mobile devices. For example, a headset with multipoint support can be used to connect both the cell phone and the MP3 player – in parallel. If a call is received, this is signaled while the MP3 player is playing, and the channel is automatically changed when the call is answered.

Couldn’t be much more convenient?

Yes, it can: Thanks to autopairing, many Bluetooth headsets can also automatically find the devices to be connected. With simpler headsets, the user has to do this himself – he first has to send both devices into search mode until they find each other and establish a connection. Headsets with autopairing do this automatically when switched on and register themselves with the Bluetooth devices they find – as long as these do not lock out third-party devices, of course. Today, the security query is often handled by an NFC contact – a special radio protocol for very short distances of a few centimeters. It is then sufficient to hold the headset briefly to the cell phone.

How does noise cancellation work?

Many headsets nowadays advertise with a so-called noise cancellation. There are basically two different principles. The simplest one, which is mainly found in the price segment up to $50, is software filtering. A more or less good filter ensures that frequency ranges without typical speech components are reproduced more quietly. This sometimes works more, sometimes less well and can not infrequently cut off speech peaks – which are incorrectly detected. Therefore, the physical implementation via microphone detection is better. At least two microphones are built into the headset. The front one near the mouth picks up speech sooner than the microphone further back, whereas background noise arrives at both microphones almost simultaneously. The actual speech component can be better calculated from this difference.

Does Bluetooth also have disadvantages?

Unfortunately, Bluetooth technology also has a few serious disadvantages that you should be aware of. First of all, the range of Bluetooth is very short: Bluetooth is supposed to be able to bridge 35 ft, but the range is actually much shorter. Some inferior headsets already show first background noise and dropouts 1-2 ft away from the paired device. This is annoying and in such cases prevents you from simply carrying the cell phone or MP3 player in your pocket. The problem has been addressed over the years with more and more new Bluetooth profiles. The latest devices use Bluetooth 5.0, where the problem no longer occurs. The previous version, Bluetooth 4.2, was also considered very stable and ensured a more economical radio transmission, but you should not go any lower with the versions.

Are there also headsets for landline phones?

You don’t have to do without headsets for landline phones either. Some models already have Bluetooth support for this purpose, but you can also look for headsets with the GAP profile. This is also a wireless technology that is used for pairing with DECT cordless phones. Although the headset can only be used with DECT phones, the range of about 160 ft is very high – so you can really move around freely at work or at home.


Today’s selection of wireless headsets for call centers is wide enough to give us a choice. However, if you want to emphasize the high quality of service with maximum workload on the staff, it is worth choosing proven brands that offer professional models. Such headsets will not let you down.

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